Nov 06

Awesome Information About All the Lovebird Species

a couple of lovebirdsDid You Know?
Lovebirds are named so due to the strength of their monogamous bonds. Partners also spend a lot of their time together, which further adds to the allusion from the name.
Lovebirds, members of the genus Agapornis, are part of the parrot family. They are among the smallest parrots.

There are nine species of lovebirds. They are native to Africa, eight of the nine are native to the African mainland, and the other is native to Madagascar. They are all between 13-17 cm long, and weigh about 50 g. Regardless of the particular species, they are stoutly built and are mostly green. The particular variations in the coloration, apart from the standard green, define the species.

Although they are native to Africa, they are popular pets all over the world. The numerous color morphs seen in captive lovebirds is a result of selective breeding. These artificially bred coloring patterns are not beneficial in the wild.

As said before, there are nine species of lovebirds, distinguished by relatively minor differences in their coloring. Here’s some particulars about the nine species :

Rosy Faced Lovebird
Binomial Name: Agapornis roseicollis
The rosy faced lovebird, also known as the peach faced lovebird and the rosy collared lovebird, is found in the deserts of southwestern Africa, particularly the Namib Desert. This species has two recognized subspecies: A. r. catumbella, which is mostly found in Angola, and A. r. roseicollis, which is found mostly in Namibia, Botswana, and parts of South Africa. They are among the largest lovebirds, with an average length of 17-18 cm.

This species is particularly prone to mutations of coloration, and various color patterns

Nov 03

Venus or Mars – Here’s How to Determine the Gender of Your Kitten

cute kitten and playfulWait until the kitten is a month old.
It is nearly impossible for a layman to correctly guess the gender of a kitten below the age of 3 weeks. Firstly, handling these newborns for long isn’t even recommended, because you’ll only end up passing your ‘human’ scent onto the kitten, making it hard for the mother to identify her baby. Worst case scenario, the mother may end up abandoning the kitten.

There are a few humans equipped with the ability to remain unfazed by the allure of tiny, tiny kittens. It doesn’t matter if those furballs grow up to be pioneers of what we call a resting bitchface, they can still melt the coldest heart with their infinite cuteness.

When you bring a kitten home (from a shelter or a rescued one, hopefully), the first thing you would want to do is to give it a decent name. No, there’s no need to compromise by picking a unisex name, there are ways to determine your kitten’s gender at home. Pay close attention to what follows.

How to Tell the Sex of a Kitten
Before we begin, note that the kitten in question should be at least over the age of three weeks for you to venture a fairly accurate guess.

First step, ensure that the kitty is calm, and not in a playful mode whatsoever. Even a young kitty knows how to protect her privacy, and doesn’t mind using her (very) sharp claws. Kittens sleep a lot, so a good time would be when it begins feeling drowsy.

Hold the kitten very gingerly, as the precious little thing is still very delicate. Now, stroke

Nov 30

Things People Don’t Usually Know about Cats

All felines, be them wild or domesticated, are part of the very same family, the one called Felidae. The domesticated cat comes from a species of small sized wild cats, called Felis Silvestris. The only feline which lives in packs is the lion. All the other felines are solitary hunters, they rather live on their own than go for a community life. Another interesting and unusual fact about cats is that their heart can beat two times faster than the human heart. Thus, a cat’s heart can beat 240 times/minute. Felines also have a faster metabolism, and therefore their heart needs more oxygen. It’s the very rhythm of the heart that requires this.

According to some experts, cats were initially domesticated 4000 years ago in Egypt, when people noticed how good cats were at catching mice that fed on their stored cereals. It’s a generally known fact that cats were worshiped in ancient Egypt, but few people know that cats also enjoyed a lot of attention in Rome, too. Romans believed that the cat was the god of freedom, and it was the only animal which was allowed to enter Roman temples. Cats were brought in 54 BC by Julius Caesar’s troopes to Britannia. When Britannia allied with Gallia, i.e. with nowadays France, to fight the Romans who had brought cats as mascots for their fight, cats spread all over the European continent.

The first cat cartoon was created in 1910 by George Herriman in his comic book entitled “Krazy Kat”, created for the New York Evening Journal. Cats are said to live for about 14-15 years. But still there are cases in which cats live a lot much longer. Such was the case of “Cr�me Puff”, the oldest female cat which lived in Austin, Texas, and died of old age in

Nov 30

Truly Interesting Things About a Cat’s Whiskers We Bet You Never Knew

Cat’s whiskers include a highly sophisticated smelling system which is able to detect the slightest change of the wind’s direction for instance, but also the most sudden movements around them.

Whiskers help cats to survive because they are in fact predators by instinct. Thus, being a feline species, they are very skilled in hunting smaller animals such as mice, as well as frogs, insects, birds, and so on. Whiskers actually are some sort of prominent follicles that can help cats detect their prey from a small distance much like a pair of glasses can help someone read something written in very small characters on a piece of paper. Because they suffer from presbytism, cats cannot see very well the prey they actually catch. This is the opinion of Alice Moon Fanelli, both veterinarian and assistant professor at the Cummings Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of the Tufts University, mentioning the fact that whiskers can help cats get into certain circumstances, but they can also help them get out of other difficult situations.

In wilderness, cats hold their whiskers straight forward when they are about to attack their prey. This is what Michael Tewes, a professor and coordinator of the Feline Research Program at the A&M Texas of the Caesar Kleberg Wild Animals’ Research Institute, said. As an expert in the life of large felines, Tewes says that whiskers can make the animals’ life shorter or longer, depending on their good or bad state. They can act as warning signs helping them against the destruction of the felines’ canines. The destruction of the cats’ canines could have some severe consequences on the animals’ general health and may even be the cause of premature death.

Domestic cats rely on the very same kind of instincts as their wild counterparts. Thus, small indoor cats can use their

Nov 30

Canary Vs. Parakeet – Understanding Which Makes a Better Pet

Canaries and parakeets are among the most popular pet birds. They are completely different as potential pets due to their differing temperaments. Parakeets are relatives of parrots, whereas canaries are related to finches.

Choosing a pet is a very individual choice. When choosing a pet bird, most urban bird lovers go for canaries or parakeets. These two birds are similar in many respects, but differ in one important factor: companionship.

Here is a brief comparison of these two birds from the perspective of adopting them as pets.

As far as their looks go, both canaries and parakeets are vividly colored. Contrary to popular misconception, canaries are not always yellow. They are found in various colors, including green, blue, orange, and brown. Parakeets, of course, are famously colorful and attractive.

Cage Size
Parakeets and canaries prefer different types of cages. Parakeets are climbing birds, who like cages that are higher than they are wider (as long as there is enough lateral space to maneuver). Canaries, on the other hand, prefer wide, horizontal cages. Neither canaries nor budgerigars (the most favored type of pet parakeet) grow to more than 12-15 cm.

Both canaries and parakeets like to have toys they can nibble on, and an odd novelty or two. Cuttlebones/mineral blocks are a must for both birds. Toys with mirrors should not be given to either, parakeets may start paying attention to their reflection and ignore their owner, while canaries can get irritated by the mirror, and can lash out by pecking at it.

Both feed on similar diets, but the variations are very specific and should be observed. As far as possible, commercial premixes or food pellets specified for the particular bird should be provided. Fresh fruits and vegetable can be occasionally given, cut up into small pieces. Large pieces of leafy greens such

Nov 28

Choosing The Right Pet Bird For Your Little Ones

However, although it might have taken just a few moments to decide that you want to have a pet bird for you, it is not as easy a decision to choose the right bird for you. There are so many birds that you will simply wonder which one would be the best pet birds.

Especially, when it comes to choosing the birds that will be most friendly with your children and also the one that are fun to have as pets, are beautiful, you need to go through the number of options that are available. Whimsical decision might cost you quite a much as the best birds for pets do not come for an easy and affordable price. They are expensive, need a good deal of time and money to look after them every day, every week and every month and also you need to spend time with them to keep them happy. It is indeed a great responsibility to have the best bird pet at home.

Different types of pet birds:

The parrots, cockatiels and budgerigars, conures, cockatoos etc. are the most popular and best pets for kids. However, amongst these, the ones that have always been loved by the kid are mentioned here in this article.

If you are looking for an intelligent, shrewd and extremely sweet flying creature as your pet, you must choose this one. If you are a solitary being, you won’t have a great relationship with this one. But, if you have time to spend with it, it will be one of the best pet birds for kids. They are very loud, noisy and shriek aloud, making their presence always remembered.

Meyers Parrot
These types of pet birds are a group of the African hookbills. These birds are a lot calmer than their counterparts, the other parrots and

Nov 27

A Guide to What a Pet Passport Means and the Steps to Get One

Do you wish to know whether your pet needs a passport for traveling? Yes, your pet actually needs a passport when going to most countries. So, what exactly is a pet passport and how do you get one? This article gives you all the information you need on this topic.

A pet passport is a document, like a normal passport, which has all the details of your pet and is linked to the ‘microchip’ inserted in your pet. It has details of all the vaccinations that have been given to your pet. In addition, it is a written proof that your pet has received the rabies vaccination. Your dog, cat or ferret can get the pet passport to travel across the European Union. It makes traveling with your pet hassle free as this single document has all the information about your pet and is accepted across all the member states of the European Union.

Below are some steps that will guide you, as to how you need to go about getting a passport for your pet:

Step 1: Microchip
A microchip is a small rice grain sized chip, which has a unique identification number, it can be easily fitted by a veterinarian after which it is included in the national database. Make sure that the microchip meets ISO standards or else you will have to buy a separate reader and carry it along with you each time. The passport is valid only as long as it can be double checked by the microchip, the passport is useless if the microchip cannot be read.

Step 2: Vaccination
After your pet has been microchipped, you need to get the vaccination against rabies, in general, it must be done at least 30 days and not more than 12 months before departure. Any vaccination that was given before

Nov 20

Attract More Birds in Your Garden by Feeding Them with Niger Seeds

If you have a lovely garden and wish to have many birds chirping around in joy then the best way is to have a bird feeder installed in your garden and fill it with some Niger seeds regularly. They are cultivated in various parts of Asia, India and Africa. This is a black colored seed and is rich in oil content and is loaded with calories. It is a favorite of many birds, which explains why you will find finches, wild birds and many other small birds frequenting your garden.

Why should you feed the birds with Niger seeds?

Birds like red polls, finches, gold finches and siskins love them in black that you can find them devouring it in your garden almost every day.As said earlier, they are best for birds in cold months as the presence of high protein in it helps in regrowth of their feathers during their mounting stage. If you wish to feed your winged friends in a better way then make sure that you purchase a feeder designed especially for Niger seeds as it is a bit heavy and can withstand winds blowing with high speed.Hence you can stay assured that the seeds will not spill on the ground.Make sure that you purchase a Niger seed feeder for birds along with a tray fitted to it as it would help to avoid its wastage.

What must you remember while feeding Niger seeds to birds?

It is important for you to remember a few pointers before you proceed to purchase Niger seeds for birds as you must make sure that you learn every aspect about it before you give it to your little friends at the garden.

Purchase only in less amounts
When you go to purchase, make sure that you don’t stock up too much as the presence of

Nov 19

Extinct Birds in the Last 100 Years

But obviously, the list of birds that have become extinct over the last 100 years is bound to come as a surprise for many. Whilst focusing on saving tigers, rhinos, and other large animals, we seem to have failed to notice that we have lost several species of birds, reptiles, and amphibians over the last couple of decades.

In the simplest words possible, extinction can be defined as the death of the last individual of a particular species with which comes to an end the hope of reviving its population. Over the last 100 years, several birds and animals have become extinct. In fact, the number of avian species that have been declared extinct over these 100 odd years has reached 17, while several species haven’t been seen for several years now.

Birds Extinct in the Last 100 Years

Some may say it’s just 17 out of hundreds of species inhabiting the planet, but one has to understand that it is a huge loss considering that these birds had a crucial role to play in various ecosystems and now they have disappeared from the planet with no hope of revival. The factors responsible for this huge biological loss include loss of habitat, hunting, climate change, etc. Discussed below are the details of each of these birds which we have lost over the course of time, with special emphasis on their extinction.

Arabian Ostrich
A subspecies of ostrich native to the Arabian Peninsula, the Arabian ostrich became extinct around mid 20th century. Its extinction was triggered by the introduction of firearms, which made hunting easier. The Arabian ostrich population declined drastically during the first half the 20th century. In 1966, the bird was last seen in Petra, Jordan, which was the last sighting of the species.

Atitlan Grebe
The Atitlan grebe was a water bird native

Nov 18

Dog Friendly Outdoor Activities to Keep Your Pet Active and Happy

It takes a little searching, but finding outdoor activities to do with your dog can help you spend time with your pet while soaking up the summer. Even though many people love dogs, not all outdoor activities are dog friendly. Finding dog friendly activities for you and your furry friend can take some searching, but once you find a few great places to go, you’ll never leave your dog home again. When looking for a dog friendly venue, the best thing to do is start with an internet search to find venues in your area, but here are a few general ideas to get you started.

Most hiking trails allow dogs, as long as you pick up after them. Hiking can be a great way to hang out with your pet while getting exercise for both of you. When you hit the trails with your dog, be sure to follow all the safety rules. Bring lots of water and snacks for you and your pet, make sure you wear proper shoes and clothing, and don’t push it too much. Exercise is great, but overexerting yourself or your dog can have serious consequences.

If you plan on going camping this fall, bring your dog along. Dogs love hanging out by the campfire, and some might even try to sing along to some good campfire songs. It’s especially easy to walk your dog since the great outdoors is your playground. If the nights get cool, though, be sure to bring your dog inside the tent with you for extra warmth.

Wine Tasting
Many wineries have outdoor balconies or picnic grounds within the vineyards, and dogs are sometimes allowed in those spaces. Enjoying a taste or a glass of wine outside while watching your pet play is one of the perks summer has to

Nov 17

Why Do People Love Cat Videos So Much – Psychology May Be at Work

Famous Cats on Internet
– Maru, the Japanese cat who can fit in any box.
– Snoopy Cat, the fashionable cat.
– Nala, the surprised cat.
– Colonel Meow, the serious cat.

Cats have been famous for their crazy antics, they’ll break your things, spoil and scratch your carpet and curtains, end up sleeping in your shoe, yet we’ll love them for what they are. Their constant purring keeps our house lively. Having a sad day? Go home after a tiring day, and one innocent look from your cat is going to melt your heart away. The trend these days shows that the Internet is abuzz with a lot of cat videos. Indeed, why are cats so funny and heart breakingly cute?

Evidently, there is an epic war of cat owners and dog owners, regarding which is the better pet. Dogs are man’s best friend in real life, but it seems cats are man’s best friend on the Internet. Dogs are trained, and they will obediently carry out all your instructions. On the other hand, cats won’t care much (unless they’re hungry), and it does not matter to them who observes them and what others think of them. Rather, they must be thinking that humans are morons, wasting their time going to offices, and going behind stupid things. Undeniably, cat videos and pictures have the highest number of page clicks than other funny animals. Sorry dog owners, the cats win here.

Why Do We Love Cat Videos
You leave the cat alone, and still it will entertain itself. It does not need anyone to be nearby or tell it what to do. If you observe them, they have a whole universe around themselves, and won’t feel intimidated by anything. Consequently, today, there are many people who are looking for cat videos and funny

Nov 15

How to Give Oral Medication to a Bird

Birds can make amazing pets. However, handling them and taking care of their health, especially administering medication, can get challenging. This article is an easy guide on how to give oral medications to a bird.

The last time my pet bird fell ill, I had a hard time. The vet prescribed medicines which had to be fed through food and water every day. This perhaps was the most stressful time both for the bird and me, since birds cannot be given pills (good news), however, they still have to administered medication (bad news)! So, handling the bird, while making sure I feed it the right dosage, was no less than a test.

Administering medication to a bird can be frightening. If it is not administered or fed properly, it may enter the nasal track and cause complications. What is the right way to hold the bird without causing much distress? What if the bird damages the syringe, or does not swallow the medicine? So many questions, and I am sure, most of you have plenty to add to this list. So, finally, I decided to find out what was the safest and easiest way to administer medication to birds. Interestingly, with a little care and precaution, here is how it should be done.

Feeding Oral Medication to a Bird

When you notice the bird is sick, the first thing you should do is take it to the vet and get a checkup done. It is always advisable to avoid self medication, especially if the illness looks severe. Once the vet diagnoses the illness and prescribes the necessary medication, ask him the best way to feed it to the bird. Also remember that, if it is the first time you are feeding medicine to the bird, it may be a little complicated.


– Ask the vet

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