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  1. Things People Don’t Usually Know about Cats — November 30, 2016
  2. Truly Interesting Things About a Cat’s Whiskers We Bet You Never Knew — November 30, 2016
  3. Canary Vs. Parakeet – Understanding Which Makes a Better Pet — November 30, 2016
  4. Choosing The Right Pet Bird For Your Little Ones — November 28, 2016
  5. A Guide to What a Pet Passport Means and the Steps to Get One — November 27, 2016

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Nov 30

Things People Don’t Usually Know about Cats

All felines, be them wild or domesticated, are part of the very same family, the one called Felidae. The domesticated cat comes from a species of small sized wild cats, called Felis Silvestris. The only feline which lives in packs is the lion. All the other felines are solitary hunters, they rather live on their …

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Nov 30

Truly Interesting Things About a Cat’s Whiskers We Bet You Never Knew

Cat’s whiskers include a highly sophisticated smelling system which is able to detect the slightest change of the wind’s direction for instance, but also the most sudden movements around them. Whiskers help cats to survive because they are in fact predators by instinct. Thus, being a feline species, they are very skilled in hunting smaller …

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Nov 30

Canary Vs. Parakeet – Understanding Which Makes a Better Pet

Canaries and parakeets are among the most popular pet birds. They are completely different as potential pets due to their differing temperaments. Parakeets are relatives of parrots, whereas canaries are related to finches. Choosing a pet is a very individual choice. When choosing a pet bird, most urban bird lovers go for canaries or parakeets. …

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Nov 28

Choosing The Right Pet Bird For Your Little Ones

However, although it might have taken just a few moments to decide that you want to have a pet bird for you, it is not as easy a decision to choose the right bird for you. There are so many birds that you will simply wonder which one would be the best pet birds. Especially, …

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Nov 27

A Guide to What a Pet Passport Means and the Steps to Get One

Do you wish to know whether your pet needs a passport for traveling? Yes, your pet actually needs a passport when going to most countries. So, what exactly is a pet passport and how do you get one? This article gives you all the information you need on this topic. A pet passport is a …

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Nov 20

Attract More Birds in Your Garden by Feeding Them with Niger Seeds

If you have a lovely garden and wish to have many birds chirping around in joy then the best way is to have a bird feeder installed in your garden and fill it with some Niger seeds regularly. They are cultivated in various parts of Asia, India and Africa. This is a black colored seed …

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Nov 19

Extinct Birds in the Last 100 Years

But obviously, the list of birds that have become extinct over the last 100 years is bound to come as a surprise for many. Whilst focusing on saving tigers, rhinos, and other large animals, we seem to have failed to notice that we have lost several species of birds, reptiles, and amphibians over the last …

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Nov 18

Dog Friendly Outdoor Activities to Keep Your Pet Active and Happy

It takes a little searching, but finding outdoor activities to do with your dog can help you spend time with your pet while soaking up the summer. Even though many people love dogs, not all outdoor activities are dog friendly. Finding dog friendly activities for you and your furry friend can take some searching, but …

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Nov 17

Why Do People Love Cat Videos So Much – Psychology May Be at Work

Famous Cats on Internet – Maru, the Japanese cat who can fit in any box. – Snoopy Cat, the fashionable cat. – Nala, the surprised cat. – Colonel Meow, the serious cat. Cats have been famous for their crazy antics, they’ll break your things, spoil and scratch your carpet and curtains, end up sleeping in …

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Nov 15

How to Give Oral Medication to a Bird

Birds can make amazing pets. However, handling them and taking care of their health, especially administering medication, can get challenging. This article is an easy guide on how to give oral medications to a bird. The last time my pet bird fell ill, I had a hard time. The vet prescribed medicines which had to …

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