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Nov 08

An Overview of the Life Expectancy of Pet Birds by Breed

The birds have a pleasing and charming personality that keeps pet adopter amused. Whether it is a small lovebird or a huge macaw, each bird has a different personality and beauty. They also have different life spans depending on their breed. Here are the life spans of different birds according to their breed: Ducks and …

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Nov 06

Awesome Information About All the Lovebird Species

a couple of lovebirds

Did You Know? Lovebirds are named so due to the strength of their monogamous bonds. Partners also spend a lot of their time together, which further adds to the allusion from the name. Lovebirds, members of the genus Agapornis, are part of the parrot family. They are among the smallest parrots. There are nine species …

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Nov 04

The Spinone Italiano – Smart, Loving, and Still Helpful Today

The Spinone Italiano (plural, Spinoni) is a very ancient Italian dog breed that can be traced back to about 500 B.C. It has been portrayed in Renaissance Paintings, most famously in the fresco by Andrea Mantegna on the entrance wall of the Camera degli Sposi in the Castle at Mantua, Italy, showing Lodovico and his …

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Nov 03

Venus or Mars – Here’s How to Determine the Gender of Your Kitten

cute kitten and playful

Wait until the kitten is a month old. It is nearly impossible for a layman to correctly guess the gender of a kitten below the age of 3 weeks. Firstly, handling these newborns for long isn’t even recommended, because you’ll only end up passing your ‘human’ scent onto the kitten, making it hard for the …

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